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It is clear that you can win as well as lose at sports betting. But why do some people succeed in making regular profits and others do not? Is there a secret or is it pure chance whether in the end there is actually profit? What is clear is that the odds can be increased and learning to bet is just as possible.

Basically, it’s easy to get started with sports betting. Just register with bet-at-home or another provider and you’re ready to go. But to bet and bet really successfully is not that easy anymore. It is important to adhere to certain basic rules. 

Although there is never a 100 percent guarantee in sports betting, otherwise the bookmakers would not offer the bets. But customers can do some things to increase their chances of success and with the following tips, successful betting can be learned properly.



Money management in sports betting is important for more successful sports betting is to actually lead to regular profits, it must be approached with sense and reason. This starts with money and sensible money management. What is meant by this is that money should not just be thrown out of the window. It must be considered exactly, when, and how much stake is played. If you just bet arbitrary sums out of your gut, you will certainly have to accept losses soon. Therefore, the basic rule is to set up a total capital on the one hand and furthermore to bet only a certain amount of it per tip. This can be between 2 and 5 percent of the total capital. Furthermore, all tips and stakes should be precisely documented.


Of course, there is never a complete guarantee, but there are factors that can be read. Therefore, for sports betting, it is important to acquire as much expertise as possible. Only in this way can tips become more accurate. It is necessary to observe teams, to know players, to let statistics flow in. If, for example, a strong striker in a team drops out, this can massively influence the tip. Conveniently, there are many good sites on the Internet where information about the sport can be obtained.


Mathematical systems in bettingIf a lot of sports betting is about numbers and probabilities after all, couldn’t you just use mathematics to succeed? In fact, there are strategies that aim to guarantee success no matter what. One of them is the Martingale strategy. It sounds interesting at first glance, because if you lose the next time, the bet is doubled. At some point, it is said, you have to win again and can thus balance the stakes again. But there is no guarantee that you will be successful again too soon. Such strategies can quickly lead to the fact that soon the entire betting capital is used up.



Of course, odds are very important in sports betting. But for the right success it is important to understand how odds actually work. In them, the bookmaker expresses, on the one hand, how he sees the chances for the outcome of an event.

An odd of 2.00 means that the event has a 50% probability of occurrence. The lower the odds, the higher the probability. On the other hand, the odds also include a profit margin for the betting provider, who also wants to earn money. Accordingly, it is always worth taking a look at the best odds on the market, even if there seem to be only marginal differences at first.


Learning to bet correctly: Favorites bring low odds. At the first glance, it seems to make sense to simply bet on the favorite. But it must also always be looked at whether now actually the favorites are so good that the low odds can be justified. If a team has a win rate of 1.15, this means a win probability of 87%. Now you could look at how often the team has actually won this season. Perhaps only 60% of the games, which is well below the probability of the odds. Although odds also have to be interpreted in a more complex way, the most important thing is to always create your own picture.

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