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slot strategies

Last weekend was once again the time. With my colleague Karol I processed to a cozy slot evening. We want to take this as an opportunity to present you our six best tips & tricks for slot machines. In general, we have a somewhat ambivalent relationship to the topic of slot machines: On the one hand, we are of course huge fans of slot games and online casinos – otherwise we wouldn’t be running this website. On the other hand, we also know that you can’t make any profits in the long run with gambling and that you can quickly gamble away larger amounts. Nevertheless, every now and then we treat ourselves to a slot night for entertainment and relaxation. Then we plunge into our favourite slot machines with great pleasure, but we also set ourselves some clear rules.

These slot machine tricks we would like to explain to you today. Here are 4 tips that will help you play slots more successfully.

By the way, before you apply our strategies and tricks, you should be familiar with the basics about slot machines. Because only if you know how online slots work, you can be successful and have fun in the medium and long term.

Tip 1: Do not play slots too often

Virtual slot strategies

Every player surely has his own approach here. In our opinion, however, it makes more sense and is more fun to have slot nights at irregular intervals than to sit in front of the slot machines on a daily or weekly basis. This way, the gambling evenings are something really special – and don’t become an everyday routine.

It’s also much easier to keep track of your budget if you treat slot nights as a kind of event and consciously make deposits.

Tip 2: Set yourself a slot machine budget

The most important slot tip is to set a budget and stick to it. Last weekend, for example, we planned to sign up at a new online casino and deposit an amount of 100€.

Of course, the doubling of the deposit is bonus money that cannot be paid out directly. In this case, however, that was fine with us, as we weren’t planning on cashing out any winnings anyway. The goal was to have as much fun as possible with €100.

Tip 3: Play with a win and loss target

This brings us to the third slot machine tip. By setting a clear goal of what you want to happen each slot night in the first place, you keep control. While clear to us: we gamble away €100 and do not expect to make a payout (the loss target).

Only if we would have cleared really high winnings of several hundred euros (the profit goal), we would have deviated from this strategy. But since that didn’t happen, each of us had a lot of fun playing slots with 50€ each: we played slots for over four hours – a fair deal!

So always set yourself a profit and loss target. This is even more important if you’re not willing to gamble away your entire deposit. But beware: This slot tip requires a great deal of discipline!

Tip 4: Test different slot machines

slot strategies

Surely you already have some favorite slots that you play over and over again. We too have a handful of favorites that we always come back to.

But it’s always worth keeping your eyes open for new online slots. Just play according to your mood and don’t work off a pre-prepared list. Many a slot novelty has already positively surprised us!

Given the enormous number of online slots, choosing the right game is sometimes difficult. Many players choose their game based on themes or bonus features. However, if you go for the spread, it can have a significant impact on your long-term success. Even if you only play occasionally, an understanding of fluctuation and dispersion is fundamental. So let’s take a look at how individual games differ in this regard.

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